No Public Cremation ground and no private land..! Dalit family had to create funeral space by demolishing a part of their house..!

(News by Mathrubhumi Daily, Wednesday, the 13th August, 2014)

Adoor, Kerala (India): Due to lack of land for funeral, a dalit family had to demolish a portion of their small house to cremate their aged mother. In the Dalit Coloney at Puthuseesri, near Adoor, the family of Late Mrs. Kalyani (Chakki - 80 yrs) had to to arrange space for the funeral pyre, and they had no other option, but to demolish a part of their house as there was no public cremation ground nor they had any private land for this purpose. Altogether they have a private land of just 2 cents where the house is built.

Due to lack of adequate land to live, 10 - 15 people live in each of the huts in this coloney. In the name of rehabilitation of these families, the SC/ST Development Department of Kerala Govt. had spent all the allocated and bought some 'marshy, swamp land' which was unfit for building of any houses and thus cheated them. This cheating of the authorities adds more trauma to the pathetic conditions of these people. A few years before when their elder daughter 'Radhamani' died, she was also cremated at the same portion of the house in the same way. Cremating dead bodies in the same spot repeatedly, is not a new thing for the people of this coloney, and they are used to this inhuman conditions over years.


There are many such families in this coloney who cremated all the deaths in the same manner inside their '2 cents houses'. It was in a place called "Ayyappan Para" that The SC/ST Dept. had acaquired the marshy swamp lands for re-locating these families, but that place is unfit for human life. Mrs. Usha (Late Kalyani's daughter) also got a spot in this swamp land for 'building a house'..!, but all these families are suffering and tolerating this inhuman conditions and unable to move from the present situations, just because of the unlivable condition of the government land. In future also, if any new death happens in this coloney, they will also have to be buried/cremated in the same manner, since there is no other option before for them.