Wages are given in the form of Liquor to Plantation Estate workers!

(Mangalam Daily, Monday, August 11, 2014 12:37)

Chittoor, Kerala (India): In the plantation estates on the kerala border, liquor is given to workers as daily wages instead of money and makning them permanent addicts and slaves. Many complaints were given to authorities many times, but no action till date.

The labourere who are living in the eastern part of Chittor whoare living in temporary sheds in coconut growing lands are mostly facing this kind of exploitation. Men, women and even children are being used as bonded labourers like this. These opoor creatures are so helpless that they don't even know whom to complain about their pathetic condition.

50 rupees is the wage for a 10 hour job. Since they are getting country liquor, arrack and toddy as their wages, many of them become addicts and such addicts do not complain any more. Since they are living in the sheds in the cultivation area itself, they are given very meager wages and getting exploited like this. Mostly the labouerers coming from tamilNadu border and around 2000 families of Adivasis (tribals) are being subjected to this kind of torture. Since they have no option, many people are being forced to accept liquor as their wages just to avoid starvation.

Since liquor addiction is on a rise in these communities, lots of anti-social incidents are being reported daily from these areas including violences against women and children. There are study reports that even 5 year old kids are getting addicted to liquor due to this kind of exploitative mechanism by the plantation owners.