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The foreign Aryans who invaded India many centuries ago had made the Natives (who were followers of Buddhism of the great 28 Buddhas of India) into untouchables. According to the Aryan Constitution - "Manusmriti", the naticves were denied all the human rights and enslaved them mentally and physically. But in January 26, 1950, India adopted a new constitution designed and drafted under the chairmanship of Dr. Br. R. Ambedkar. Thus it paved the way for the native population to gain human rights and liberation. However, the natives are still forced to follow the barbaric "Caste system" of the Hindu religion. DHRM wants to liberate the native masses from this enslavement by educating them to return to their forefathers' religion and culture, which is of Buddhist tradition, and to uplift them to the forefront of the mainsteam social life.

This organization has come to formal existance on December 26, 2007 at Eranakulam District (Kerala, India) under the Registration No. ER637/2007. It is at present maily focussing its activities in the Sheduled Caste/Tribe colonies of Kerala in the form of educational sessions and awareness campaigns. It aims manily to liberate families from the clutches of drugs, liquor and from the exploitation of casteist political parties. Thus, DHRM aims for the noble cause of putting an end to the age-old enslavement of the native population and, to re-build our motherland into a model nation based on the values of `Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Morality`..!!


Dalit Camera interviews DHRM Chair Person Seleena Prakkanam

Seleena Prakkanam speaks about the formation of DHRM, its ideology and the struggles undertaken for the assertion of dalit rights. The importance of DHRM, she talks, lies in understanding and propagating the ideal that the political emancipation of dalits is best possible through creating a strong cultural intervention.


"Education Project for Dalit Children"

Education Project for Dalit Children by Dalit Human Rights Movement(DHRM) - Asianet News Kettathum Kandathum .Anchor - NK Raveendran


Dalits and Land Struggles in Modern Kerala

A small Documentary by Ajayghosh.R.K on the land struggles in modern Kerala presenting a critique of the 'land reformation laws' at the levels of both principle and pratice.


Discrimination by Caste : Dalit Reality - Poverty, Health & Nutrition

Discrimination on the basis of caste is an age old problem in India. Even today, discrimination is rampant all over the country. This is a short film, an excerpt of a larger one, about how Caste Discrimination impedes delivery of essential services to the low of caste. Caste discrimination not only affects one's position in society but also affects how lives are lived and shaped. It is not unlike apartheid or racial discrimination in that it leaves generations marginalised and stunted. Shot in 2007, in Bihar, India, a film about how caste discrimination impedes delivery of basic services in health and nutrition to Dalits.